Our Strategies

We utilize an asset allocation model that reflects the specific objectives and risk tolerance for our clients.

Our goal is to achieve sustainable long term returns and income.

Red Beacon provides both discretionary or advisory management mandates that includes listed equities, fixed income, hedged funds, managed accounts and others across global markets.

Active Strategy

To mitigate changing capital market expectations, we work with our research houses to actively analyze market trends, economic and political data, and company specific news. We constantly monitor your portfolio performance to attempt to outperform the market, bringing more returns than an average investor would.

Collaborative Intelligence

Taking insights and ideas to possibilities and reality, we empower our team, clients and long-term partners such as private banks, private equity firms, intermediaries and other financial institutions with collaborative intelligence to create value for all parties.

Focusing on the Fundamentals

Integral to achieving long term success, investment research is a fundamental part of our company DNA and is underpinned in every aspect of our investment process. Before investing, we look at the company’s intrisic value and long term prospects and use the research to help us stay highly adaptable in today’s complex markets.

Client-Focused Approach

Centered on the principal that we always prioritize our clients’ needs, the Red Beacon team continually exercises passion, discipline and care in all stages of the investment process.